Turbo Fever

Apologies for the unusually long hiatus, life has recently got very busy which means the blog doesn’t get updated as often but its nothing I would like to bore you guys with, so here’s a quick video I came across of Magnus Walker and his 911 Turbo collection. If you don’t know who Magnus Walker is then check this out first >>> Urban Outlaw: Full Video – The story of a Rebel Porsche Customizer

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Goodwood Festival of Speed 2013 Part I

I thought I would share my experience of the amazing Goodwood Festival of Speed this year, Nick Mason summed up the show pretty well in this quote

“This is to motor sport what Glastonbury is to rock ‘n’ roll.”

This is why I would highly recommend attending even if you only have a slight interest in cars.

Being a lot more prepared this year I managed to book a hotel nearby so I didn’t have a five hour journey to the show early in the morning. Although I had planned to attend both Saturday and Sunday, I instead ended up attending Thursday and Sunday as tickets for Saturday were sold out. The queue into the show was still 45 minutes from where the hotel was, but this was nothing compared to what we experienced last time.

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BMW E28 M5

Understated Porsche beater, amazing…

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The Mosselman

Like I’ve mentioned before I’ve never been a huge fan of the W124 but I’m slowly coming around to them. After being up close to one, as Jeff the owner mentioned, they are literally a larger Mercedes 190E, they share parts and look very similar at a glance.

This example however isn’t your usual W124 as it has two turbos strapped to it. This car got treated to various aftermarket parts from new, including a Mosselman twin turbo kit. In standard form this 300E has a straight six producing 185bhp and 190ft/lbs of torque, give it the Mosselman treatment and it produces almost 290bhp and around 290 ft/lbs of torque this brings the 0-60 time down to 5.9 seconds, entering it into Porsche 930 territory. Continue reading

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It’s a German thing


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Donnington Historic Festival

Thought I’d stick a quick post up about Donnington Historic Festival which was back in May. This is the first time I’ve been, after seeing pictures from last year, it was on my must attend list. We arrived at the Donnington Race Track in the morning and there were already cars lapping around the track, so plenty of lovely engine sounds to listen to while we walked into the show.


I loved the layout of the show, some static metal to have a look at in the middle of the track, while cars zoomed around on the outside. You could constantly hear an engine going around at full chat, which is just what a petrol heads ears need to satisfy them Continue reading

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Targa California – The way to enjoy vintage cars

The Targa California is a way to experience the back roads of Central California. The Targa California is a non-competitive 3-day vintage rally open to all cars 1973 or older, what a way to enjoy your vintage car!

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50th Anniversary of the Pagoda SL

A little video about the 50th Anniversary of the Mercedes Pagoda SL from the guys at egarage, enjoy…

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More cars you may never have seen before…

Now in full on nostalgia mode, I’ve got some more classic concepts & obscure cars to share with you carrying on from the previous post.

Now this probably deserves its own post, but here it is the Audi Group S prototype which was created in ultra secrecy

Audi Group S prototype

This mid-engine 1000bhp beast could have been Audi’s rallying future. But it was created against the wishes of the VW-Audi board away from the official workshops in Inglostadt, rumors also suggest that Ferdinand Peich (chairman of Audi at the time) was not aware of this project either. Continue reading

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@ Silverstone

I had another few sessions booked at Silverstone for some track fun. Although this time I wanted to go out with a few upgrades to ensure the car was more suited for this track session and the occasional track days I’ll be attending in the future. I spent a few long weekends getting the car prepared, this meant working on the car outside in the snow to get it ready as I was running out of time fast! Suspension was the first upgrade to improve handling, next were the brakes to ensure I could stop fast (Hel Braided lines, Pagid Discs & EBC yellow stuff pads) and some better tyres and wheels. As usual stuff isn’t as straight forward as you would like it to be when working on a car and it took longer than expected, but fortunately I was able to get it ready just in time.

I wasn’t very hopeful of the weather either, weekends leading up the day it was either snowing or raining. I wasn’t particularly looking forward to taking the car out again in those sort of conditions, but luckily the weather brightened up for the weekend, even though it had snowed just a few days earlier. Although sessions on track did start a bit later than scheduled due to fog, but the sun soon took care of that and a fairly dry track appeared. Continue reading

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