Moby Dick | The Porsche 935 IMSA GTP Race Car

I can only imagine how amazing this car was back in its glory days, This Porsche 935 was a factory ready race-car based on the 911 Turbo made to meet FIA Group 5 standards.  But this IMSA GTP Momo Porsche 935 was a little bit more special.

As you can see this car looks like it meant serious business, and I can assure you that it did just that in the hands of the driver Gianpiero Moretti. This car has had quite a few variants but the one in particular that is my favourite is the one nick-named “Moby Dick”. This variant was equipped with an enlarged water-cooled engine, a 3.2 litre engine producing 750bhp with bi-turbos on its side and weighed in at just over a 1000kg.

The car was famous for taking advantages of grey areas in the Group 5 rules set by the FIA, for example cutting the floor to accommodate the exhaust in the front engined version of the car. The gearbox was mounted upside down to the reduce the drive shaft angle, these were just a few of many tricks this car had.


Again due to rules changes Porsche did not enter any further races with this particular model, however the replica of the model was taken on by some of the private racing teams including the MOMO’s  Moretti Racing who took the car to IMSA, which is the version you see featured in this article.

All in all it’s an amazing race car like a few of the others we’ve featured on the blog. I wish race cars like these existed on our tracks today, but time will make classics of the un-appreciated race cars of today.

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