Cars you may never have seen before…

Nostalgia kicked in when I remembered that as a kid I used to spend hours on the internet searching for concept cars and reading their specs (I spent hours on!). I did the same recently to find many cars I didn’t know existed or concept cars which I’d missed, some of which never saw the light of day!

So here’s a small collection of cars you might have missed over the years…

1980 Citroen Karin

With Citroen having nothing to show at the 1980 Paris Salon, Trevor Fiore (Citroen designer at the time) was given the go ahead to build a display car. What resulted was the trapezoidal Karin you see above. This was a three seater with the driver seated centrally and the passengers just behind on both sides of the driver as you can see pictured below.

Similarly laid out to what you would find in the 1992 Mclaren F1

Next we have this purrty Ferrari 250GT designed by Bertone

1961 Bertone Ferrari 250GT

1961 Bertone Ferrari 250GT

This showcar which debuted at the 1962 Turin Motorshow was actually Nuccio Bertone’s personal transportation because supposedly he couldn’t drive a Ferrari with anyone else’s coachwork, yet he couldn’t resist Ferrari’s.

This sleek 1989 Ferrari Mythos was designed by Pininfarina and is based on the Testarossa. It was a Mid-engine layout with a 4.9 flat-12!


1989 Ferrari Mythos

Although never sold to the public, the current sultan of Brunei has two in his collection! If you played Test Drive III as a child you will have come across this sleek beauty.

The following car is the lovechild of Alfa Romeo, Ferrari & ISO. Bizzarini S.p.A  which was founded by the three manufacturers built highly developed racing cars in the 1960’s, production ceased in 1969. What you see below is the Bizzarrini 5300 GT Strada (Road Legal version of the A3-C) one of the prettiest cars they produced.

Iso Grifo A3-C or Bizzarrini A3-C or Bizzarrini 5300GT

Iso Grifo A3-C or Bizzarrini A3-C or Bizzarrini 5300GT

The Maserati Boomerang as you can see is clearly from what is often referred to as the “folded paper” era of car design, the same era as the Porsche Tapiro (GN Blog Post – Click Here) which looks very similar. The Porsche Tapiro is just one example of the many cars from this era which look similar, various manufacturers were at it creating their own bit of “folded paper” you could say.

Maserati Boomerang

This was unveiled at the 1971 Turin Motorshow, not functional at the time but, by the time the Geneva Motorshow rolled around the following year the Boomerang concept was a functional car.


Maserati Boomerang rear end – oooff!

I absolutely love the rear end of this car, why don’t more cars look like this? While we’re talking about the rear end (of the car!), the rear wheels were powered by a 4.7L V8 producing 310bhp. Now imagine seeing this concept as a kid for the first time, ah… sweet nostalgia… :)

Anyway I’ll leave you to ponder over which cars you remember

I’ll be posting more concept cars & obscure cars you may not have seen before – get in touch with any you’d like to see mentioned on the blog! (I already have a list I’ll be working my way through)

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